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Report: Scottsdale club refuses to admit UA fan

PHOENIX — A University of Arizona fan was reportedly denied entry at a Scottsdale bar over the weekend because of his attire.

Being rejected from an upscale bar in the area is not out of the norm, but the Arizona Daily Star reported that the bar allowed in several other people who violated Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails’ dress code.

“It’s pretty crazy,” said Underwood, a 35-year-old Tucson High School graduate who has lived in the Phoenix area since 1999.

Underwood said he was wearing a black three-button casual shirt, blue jeans and black non-athletic Nike dress shoes. His gray University of Arizona ball cap had the “A” logo in red and white outline.

Underwood said he put the cap back in his car and returned, only to be told he was still not permitted to enter. The bouncer told him that, once a customer is rejected for dress code, they would not be allowed in.

Underwood claimed that several other people in tank tops were allowed to enter.

The club said dress code enforcement is at the discretion of the bouncers. In a later statement, it also said Underwood’s UA attire had no effect on his rejection and the bar is hosting viewing parties for the on-going NCAA tournament.