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Are you a ‘Digitarian’? Phoenix Library users classified into 8 types

PHOENIX – Move over, bookworms. Librarians have several new ways to identify customers.

As part of its strategic plan, the Phoenix Public Library analyzed user information and conducted online and in-person surveys at 14 locations. The data led to eight groups, or “clusters,” based on how people use libraries.

They include:


• 22.3 percent of users who use both electronic and traditional physical materials.


• 17.4 percent of users who check out mostly physical materials.


• 16 percent of users who use library services less often.

Bedtime Stories

• 11.2 percent of users who mostly visit to check out children’s materials and attend children’s programs.

Dining In

• 10.5 percent of users who rely on libraries to access free Wi-Fi to do educational or professional work.

Staying Connected

• 10 percent of users who rely on library computers for Internet access.

Stay Tuned

• 7.2 percent of users who primarily check out movies.

Bright Future

• 5.4 percent of users who check out materials designed for teenagers.

According to a city report, the information will help Phoenix libraries better understand customers and tailor resources and services to meet their needs.