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Valley Metro to promote bicycling during April

PHOENIX — April is Valley Bike Month, which was established to bring attention to bicycling as a fun, healthy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to get around town.

Several events are planned for the month-long event, including a Kids Bike Rodeo in Mesa on Saturday, April 5.

Valley Metro spokesperson Susan Tierney said children will learn some valuable skills at the event.

“(You will learn) to wear your helmet, use the proper signals, wear bright-colored clothing — things that are going to keep you safe when you’re on your two wheels,” Tierney said.

Prizes will be given out during the month, and some Valley businesses will have special discounts for people who ride their bikes.

Tierney said that Valley Bike Month is a good way to remind Valley residents to maintain and use their bikes.

“Get your bicycle tires pumped up and your chain greased up, and get out there with your helmet and have some fun on a bike,” she said.

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