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How much real estate could $1M buy in Arizona?

PHOENIX — If you’ve got a spare $1 million lying around, you can get a decent amount of bang for your buck in the Arizona real estate market.

Based on housing list price data from real estate brokerage and real estate website, a diagram was created showing “the number of square feet of housing that you can buy for $1 million, based on the median price per square foot in each city,” according to Business Insider.

The list featured 39 of the United States’ major cities, with Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson all making the list.

Not surprisingly, Phoenix was the more expensive of the three, coming in at No. 21 with 7,937 square feet.

Mesa ranked 24th with 8,403 square feet and Tucson was right behind it at No. 25 with 8,772.

The most expensive city? San Francisco, where $1 million will get you just over 1,500 square feet.

Detroit topped the list with over 83,300 square feet.