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Buckeye police warning of phone scam

PHOENIX — When your telephone rings, you need to be ready, because someone may be trying to scam you.

It’s happening in Buckeye.

“One of our citizens received a call from a person who said that the caller’s debit card and credit card were frozen and requested that the victim type their credit card number and pin number into the telephone,” said Buckeye Police Sgt. Jason Weeks.

Weeks said that getting a call like that and doing what the caller requests could spell disaster for you.

“As soon as you start typing in your information, they (the scammers) have coders,” Weeks explained. “They immediately have access to your account at that time and can clean it out within a matter of 30 to 40 minutes.”

In the Buckeye case, Weeks said the victim did the right thing by hanging up and calling police and urges other Valley residents to do the same.