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Eighth annual Border Security Expo wraps up in Phoenix

PHOENIX — Vendors from all over the country have come to Arizona to showcase the latest technology and gear in border security.

The Eighth Annual Border Security Expo took place at the Phoenix Convention Center with members of law enforcement, border patrol and other surveillance and security personnel attending lectures, panel discussions and showrooms.

Vendors stocked the showroom with displays of everything from armored vehicles and weapons to surveillance and facial recognition software.

One company at the event was Tucson-based G Squared Consulting, which specializes in manufacturing body armor. The company was showcasing its Thor Shield products.

“We’ve got carrier vests, or bulletproof ballistic vests, we’ve got uniforms (and) we’ve got casual clothing,” said Greg Williams, one of the company’s partners.

One of the most unique items from G Squared Consulting is, by all appearances, a normal Oxford-style shirt that Williams said is actually quite protective.

“Besides just being a normal shirt…you are going to be protected against fire, against electronic control devices, such as a Taser or stun gun, and you’ve got electrostatic discharge protection, so you won’t create a spark if you’re in a high-charged environment,” Williams said.

Williams said the company has sold products to numerous police departments and law enforcement agencies.

The expo is a two-day event that wrapped up on Wednesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.