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Arizona dog shelter starts crowdfunding page for new van

An Arizona animal rescue group has established a crowdfunding page in hopes of raising money to buy a new van to transport dogs.

An Arizona Small Dog Rescue (AZSDR) page on is asking for donations in order to reach a $5,000 goal.

As of Sunday afternoon, more than 60 people had contributed a total of more than $1,200 — with the page set to expire in four days.

The group isn’t looking for anything elaborate — such as a “Mutt Cutts” van as seen in “Dumb & Dumber” — but for a reliable vehicle that can take unwanted dogs out of homes and shelters to the AZSDR facilities.

The following explanation is written on the crowdfunding page:

AZSDR has a van that has been faithful for many years, but now (it) is on her last days. We need to buy a cargo van that will not break down in the summer; we broke down two times last summer in the dead heat and had to wait on triple A.

The group also mentions that is isn’t necessarily looking for large donations only.

We are hoping that MANY will rise to the occasion and donate just $1 towards the van…but that $1 will add up so fast that the dogs at AZSDR will have a great running van in no time.