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How a beautiful bottle of perfume landed a Valley woman in hot water!

Lois Lewis is a seasoned traveler. She’s a record promoter for Republic-Nashville.

Lewis lives in Tempe and is up and down the West Coast all the time meeting with and schmoozing radio station executives for the country artists who depend on her to get their music out there. Artists like Florida Georgia Line, The Band Perry, and Cassadee Pope from “The Voice.” She lives with her cell phone glued to one hand while hauling her carry-on and laptop with the other.

Lewis has made more than 300 flights over the past five years so she knows the ins and outs of getting there with the least amount of trouble. She follows the rules and generally tries to make things easy for herself and everyone else involved.

Until this week, that is. This week, a two-ounce bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume stopped her in her tracks at Sky Harbor, got the TSA in an uproar and got her blacklisted!

Lewis says she always packs her small perfume bottle in a separate plastic baggie from the other right-sized carry-on toiletries, and she always pulls them out and has them ready to go at the security checkpoint. But this time was different, as Lewis explains what happened after her perfume bottle went through the X-ray machine.