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UA, Tucson schools partner to help kids with asthma

PHOENIX — A new partnership between the University of Arizona and Tucson schools will benefit children with asthma, the program’s director said.

“One of the major issues in children that have asthma is getting them to adhere to their daily medication regiment,” said Dr. Lynn Gerald. “There’s lots of reasons people aren’t able to do this.”

Gerald said the program was put in place not only to maintain treatment, but also to provide asthma assistance at no cost. Medical costs for children with asthma are normally double than a child without.

“We are actually just now beginning to enroll children and so far the response has been great from parents,” she said. “Previously, parents have told us that they’re very happy to have the schools involved.”

In a release, UA said the program will be implemented in 16 schools during the 2014-2015 year.

The SAMS program is supported by the American Lung Association.