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Mexico tourism getting big boost from Arizonans

PHOENIX — As a tourist destination, it appears Mexico is making a big comeback.

“We’re seeing Arizona bookings to Mexico on Princess Cruises are up 240 percent over last year,” said Michelle Donati of Triple-A. “Mexico auto insurance, short-term policies that drivers buy before driving to destinations, like Rocky Point, increased more than 62 percent from 2012 to 2013.”

Despite proximity and affordability, highly-reported cases of border violence took a huge toll on the country’s tourism industry.

“Of the travelers that Triple-A has booked to Mexico, we have not experienced any issues,” Donati said. “In terms of the violence there, none of it has ever been directed at tourists and that has stayed the same. I think folks have fewer reservations about traveling south.”

Because people are less fearful of visiting the colorful country, travel experts encourage consumers to travel smart, use common sense and stay up-to-date with State Department Advisories.