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Group calls for apology, ending of Center for Arizona Policy

PHOENIX — A pro-LGBT group wants the Center for Arizona Policy to shut down.

CAP is the group that was a major supporter of Arizona’s controversial religious rights bill, SB-1062. Governor Brewer vetoed that bill on Wednesday.

Thirty members of the group “Citizens for a Better Arizona” showed up at the center’s offices in Phoenix before the veto on Wednesday afternoon. They were demanding an apology from CAP President Cathi Herrod for supporting the bill.

“She’s the puppeteer behind SB-1062,” said Beto Soto, the field director for Citizens For A Better Arizona. “She’s the one that needs to be held accountable. She’s been hurting Arizona, and she is a super lobbyist.”

Soto is also demanding that CAP close its doors. “Arizona legislators need to understand that Cathi Herrod is no longer welcome in our state. Her values are not compatible with Arizona, and that stops here,” he said.

He claimed that Herrod’s views are out of touch with Arizona.

“We are no longer the state of 1070. This is no longer the state of Russell Pearce,” said Soto. “We are moving forward in Arizona, and 1062 is moving backwards.

Russell Pearce is the former Arizona State Senator who co-wrote SB-1070, Arizona’s controversial immigration bill.

Soto’s group were met by security officers who did not allow them to enter. When the group put up caution tape and taped several protest signs to the office window, the guards then ordered them to get off of the property.

Soto says they’ll be back Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m.