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Former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington: Jan Brewer will do ‘right thing’

PHOENIX — A former Arizona governor feels Jan Brewer will do the “right thing” when it comes to the controversial bill that would allow businesses to cite religious reasons for refusing services to gays and others.

“Brewer’s deliberative process is the hallmark of her leadership,” Fife Symington said in a release. “From righting the fiscal ship to restoring the will of the voters to protecting the most vulnerable, her leadership has proven time and again to yield thoughtful and positive results. I know that she’ll do the right thing for the State of Arizona.”

Symington called Arizona’s current predicament “ironic,” as the years-long battle to approve Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a state-recognized holiday came to a close during his time in office.

Brewer has until the close of business Saturday to sign or veto the bill.