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Report: Gov. Brewer more than likely to veto Arizona SB 1062

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has until the end of business hours Saturday to decide the fate of Senate Bill 1062 but likely will veto the measure by Thursday or Friday, according to NBC News.

She told CNN on Monday night, “I will do the right thing for the state of Arizona.”

Brewer’s longtime political consultant Chuck Coughlin told NBC, “It’s been her proclivity in the past to focus on the priorities she wants them [the legislature] to accomplish, and this was clearly not part of her agenda.”

Brewer is scheduled to return to Phoenix on Tuesday afternoon. She had been in Washington at the National Governors Association but that hasn’t stopped requests to her office to veto the bill.

City, state and business leaders who opposed the bill, which would allow a business to refuse service to gays and other based on religious beliefs, have called the measure discriminatory and embarrassing and that in all likelihood it would affect state tourism.

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee issued a statement that it did not support the bill. Glendale will host the Super Bowl next year.

Other businesses have also expressed a negative opinion of the bill.

NBC quoted an unnamed source who said the governor wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt the state’s economic recovery.