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Meghan McCain ‘horrified’ by legislators who passed SB 1062

LISTEN: Meghan McCain - SB 1062

PHOENIX — Meghan McCain may be a Republican and raised by a Republican senator, but she is also an active, vocal supporter of gay rights, and she has voiced her opposition for SB 1062.

“It is embarrassing, it is backwards, it is the absolute last thing this state needs, and I am horrified, horrified at the legislators that passed that [bill],” McCain told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos on Monday.

Calling the bill “absolute B.S.,” McCain said that it’s bills like this that make her ashamed of her beloved state.

“When you have bills like this, it makes me not want to come home,” McCain said. “I am born and raised in Arizona — [a] proud Arizonan — and my father is a senator there, and I just don’t understand.”

She also doesn’t understand why what seems to be a small group of people keep “co-opting the state” and speaking for it as a whole.

“What’s so bizarre is that Arizona really is turning quite purple. It logically could be a swing state in 2016,” McCain said. “I don’t understand why Arizona continues to be this Petri dish of right-wing conservatism.”

After all, McCain’s own father and Sen. Jeff Flake, (R-Ariz.), have publicly spoken out against the bill and “they’re both two conservative, Republican older men,” McCain added.

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