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Former Diamondback Steve Finley pushes healthy vending machines snacks

PHOENIX — A former Arizona Diamondbacks hero is now working to get people to eat healthier.

Outfielder Steve Finley was a major part of the D-backs team that won the World Series over the New York Yankees in 2001. His major league baseball career spanned over 15 seasons and ended when he was 41 years old.

He credits healthy eating for his longevity.

“The food we put into our bodies is going to dictate how we’re going to be able to mentally focus and physically handle the exertion we have to put out on the field,” Finley said.

The former slugger is now on the board of directors for San Diego-based Fresh Healthy Vending. The company provides healthy snack options in hundreds of 3-D interactive vending machines across the country.

The machines are filled with a wide variety of food types.

“Protein bars, protein shakes, yogurts — in some of them — and healthier drinks. There’s no more soda,” he said.

Finley said his goal is to use his position is to encourage young people to eat healthier and combat childhood obesity.