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Teens bringing exhibits to Chandler Science Spectacular

Students are coming from all over to show off their science projects in Chandler.

The three-day Chandler Science Spectacular gives kids a chance to display their projects and explain how they created them.

Chandler Vice Mayor Rick Heumann says the projects are amazing.

“It’s not the old days of making a volcano,” Heumann said. “These are kids that are developing things like cures for cancer and things way above when I was in school many, many years ago.”

One group is travelling all of the way from Bogota, Columbia for the festival.

“We’re really excited about their opportunity to see what’s going on in our city,” Heumann said. “It’s a great little international flavor for this event that is now in its third year.”

The event starts Thursday afternoon. It’s free, is open to the public, and takes place in various locations around Chandler.