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Thousands expected for Valentine's Day mass vow renewal
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Thousands expected for Valentine’s Day mass vow renewal

PHOENIX — Couples in need of something romantic and last-minute to do for Valentine Day’s might want to think about getting their vows renewed.

Sami Fine Jewelry in Fountain Hills is holding its second annual vow renewal ceremony at Fountain Hills Park on Friday at 4 p.m.

Stephenie Bjorkman, president of Sami Fine Jewelry, said 764 couples participated in the “Love in the Hills” event last year.

“I put it on because it’s just such a feel-good event, it makes people feel good,” she said. “I don’t think people realized until after they renewed their vows just how special of an event it was.”

Bjorkman said they hope to beat the record this year and need just over 1,000 couples to do so.

The event is free to participate and no formal paperwork is needed. Bjorkman said the ceremony will be completed all at once by Minister Larry James.

She said there will be prizes and giveaways at the event, and couples will receive a wedding vow renewal certificate afterward.

Some prominent sports and public figures have also signed on to renew their vows at the event.

“Steve Holden from the Cleveland Browns is going to be there…Mike Davis from the Raiders, J.T. Smith from the Cardinals and John Bronson from the Cardinals, they’re all going to come as a group and renew their vows,” Bjorkman said.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he will be at the event with his wife Ava.

“It’s nice to join the — I hope — over a thousand people in Fountain Hills, my hometown,” Arpaio said. “I can see the park from my house and the fountain, so maybe when I do this, when I see the fountain every 15 minutes I can say, ‘Geez, this is where I renewed my vows.'”

Arpaio said this will be the first time he’s renewed his vows during his 57-year marriage.