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No date for Valentine’s Day? Site lets you offer bribes for dates

PHOENIX — If you’re looking for love and can’t land a date on a traditional dating website, why not try a little bribery?

One relatively new website,, is focusing on that this Valentine’s Day.

“A lot of women are responding positively by going on dates with men who would otherwise not have a chance on traditional dating websites,” said spokesman Leroy Velasquez.

Men and women are invited to browse the site for prospective mates and accept offers anything from a tank of gas, drinks, coffee, dancing or jewelry in exchange for a date.

Out of the 30 different bribes available on Carrot Dating, women in Phoenix said yes to free drinks more than any other gift or activity.

In fact, Phoenix’s Carrot Dating is much different than other major cities. For example, the majority of women in New York City accepted spa treatments, in exchange for a first date. In Los Angeles, jewelry guaranteed a date with local women.

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