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Ice Den Chandler was on brink of ‘irreversible failure,’ announces $3M renovation

When Polar Ice Chandler was sold last month to Coyotes Ice, it was no secret that the facility wasn’t in good shape.

But just how bad was it?

According to AZ Business Magazine, pre-purchase inspectors found a flaw that would have led to an “irreversible failure” of the ice plant and floors, which would have forced the facility to close.

The facility, now known as Ice Den Chandler, announced Tuesday an estimated $3 million renovation project that will begin this spring. The rink will be closed from April 7 until August 4.

Mike O’Hearn, president of Coyotes Ice, told the magazine that the renovation will include all interior equipment, as well as ice plant, lighting, roof work and subfloor. New concrete floors will replace the current sand-based ones, allowing the two-rink venue to be used for indoor soccer, lacrosse and other activities during the summer.