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BLM warns against suspicious devices found in Arizona deserts

PHOENIX — Don’t touch suspicious devices found in the southwestern Arizona desert.

That’s the warning from Arizona officials after a couple of blasting caps were found near Interstate 10 in the Quartzsite area.

“We’ve had military and mining operations going on in that area for 100 years,” said Lori Cook of the Bureau of Land Management. “Items that are left behind that could be extremely hazardous and dangerous like unexploded ordinances and explosives were found in the Quartzsite area a couple days ago.”

What’s alarming is that those had been moved before experts could get there, she added.

“It’s always a good idea just to remind the public that these kinds of things are out there,” Cook said, “and they need to be very, very careful when they come across them.”

If you find an unfamiliar device on the ground, Cook said not to touch it, and to leave the area the way you came in. You can then mark it or pinpoint its location by GPS, and then call the appropriate authorities, she added.

“You can call the Bureau of Land Management or the county that you happen to be in,” said Cook. “You don’t need to call 911 if no one has been injured.”