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Bigfoot body tour to open in Flagstaff on Thursday

PHOENIX — A Texas man who claimed to have killed not one, but two Bigfoot near San Antonio is bringing one of the beasts on a nationwide tour that begins Thursday in Flagstaff.

Grey Stafford with the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park suggested that self-proclaimed “Master Tracker” Rick Dyer is more “master showman” than Bigfoot slayer.

“The stories in the media about are more exciting than the actual evidence,” he said. “Sorry, there’s no Bigfoot out there. It’s like with sightings of aliens and UFOs — if people do a little more investigation, it typically reveals the flaws in the logic and science and it’s often proven to be fake.”

The location of the display has not been released.

The tour’s website said the tour will also stop in Phoenix.

The San Antonio Express-News reports Dyer previously claimed to have shot and killed a Bigfoot in 2008, but the corpse in that case turned out to be a rubber ape suit.