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Advertiser: Budweiser hasn’t won Super Bowl ad game yet

PHOENIX — Budweiser is already making a strong showing for the best Super Bowl ad, but a local advertiser said it’s too early to call the commercial game.

Earlier this week, Budweiser released a commercial on YouTube featuring a puppy befriending a horse that quickly captured the hearts of millions. While the ad is generating plenty of buzz, Louie Moses with Phoenix advertising firm Moses Anshell said it’s not the clear winner yet.

“It could be somebody comes up with something on Sunday and we go, ‘Oh wow,'” he said. “That’s why we’re gathering around the TV. Not just for football but for a nice little story.”

Moses said he is not a fan of releasing the Super Bowl spots online ahead of the game because it takes away from their impact “because you want to experience this with hundreds of millions of people for the first time and the web releases take away from that.”

About 30 Super Bowl ads have already been released. Another 50 are set to air Sunday.