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Report: Mesa Apple operations could start in February

PHOENIX — Things could be up and running as soon as next month at a new Apple plant in Mesa, Ariz., a report said.

According to, the company wants the plant to begin work on a specialized type of glass called Sapphire, used on the iPhone 5.

[Analyst Matt] Margolis has recently speculated that there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that next-gen iPhones may have sapphire display glass covers that will include solar panels. While that can’t be confirmed at this point, it seems that Apple is very interested in seeing the sapphire plant live in order to meet an “aggressive” timeline.

While the glass currently has limited use on Apple products, it is believed the new Arizona facility may hint at a broader use of Sapphire.

The move to get things running quickly could also hint at the launch of the iPhone 6 in late 2014.