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Undeportable hashtag picking up steam on social media

PHOENIX — A new social media trend involving deportation is picking up steam.

According to Voxxi, the new trend features people adding blonde hair and blue eyes to their photos with the hashtag #undeportable, a clear jab at alleged racial profiling.

The trend kicked off after Canadian-born singer Justin Bieber was arrested and charged with drunken driving, among other things. Despite the possibility of Bieber’s via being revoked, most pundits feel that his wealth will prevent him being booted out of the United States.

Immigrant rights advocates from the #Undeportable campaign are going a step further than [journalist Ruben] Navarrete, suggesting Bieber is getting special treatment and might not be deported because of his celebrity status and because he is white.

As the debate around Bieber continues, the #undeportable movement is only expected to gain momentum.