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Arizona voters dissatisfied with public education system

PHOENIX — Arizona voters remain dissatisfied with the quality of Arizona’s education system.

The group Arizona Parents for Education recently released its results of a statewide poll where voters were asked questions about the current state of our schools.

“One of the things that was glaring from our survey was that Arizonans from across the board want more funding for our schools,” said Brian Murray, executive director of Arizona Parents for Education.

The survey revealed that most voters, regardless of political party, are dissatisfied with the current education system. In fact, there were 21 percent of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who were all “Very Dissatisfied” with the quality of education Arizona children are receiving.

In fact, when asked about standardized testing in Arizona, it was almost a tie in the percentage of those who viewed them as making “No Difference” and those who thought the tests “Hurt” the performances of local public schools.

Some of the questions focused on online education. While Republican and Independent voters supported “online innovation” and thought an online education was “Better/Same” for a student, Democrats were almost evenly split on the issue.

Interestingly, while Republican voters were “major champions” of charter schools and Democratic ones “outright oppose” them, the data also showed that the younger the voter was, the more he or she supported charter schools.

To see more of the data and read the questions that were posed, click here.