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ASU Prep awarded $2.9 million grant

PHOENIX — ASU Prep Academy has been awarded the U.S. Department of Education’s highly competitive Investing in Innovation Fund grant.

“It’s quite an honor to be selected and to be able to provide something like this to our students, families and teachers,” said Chief Academic Officer Deborah Gonzalez.

With the grant, ASU Prep will provide a unique blend of learning strategies and innovative technologies to better serve students, educators and families.

The grant will also ensure that all students will have access to portable technology devices and are exposed to next-generation technology. Tech-enabled learning tools and other powerful educational resources will be integrated into the Common Core curriculum.

“We can’t do what we want to do for all of our families and students with the state funding that we receive, so receiving private grant monies or federal grant monies is critical to our future success,” said Gonzalez.

Only 25 of 600 schools were awarded the prestigious grant.

ASU Prep is the only K-12 school in Arizona to receive the award.