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Curtis: Something bad will happen at Sochi Olympics

PHOENIX — A Valley news anchor who is being sent to Sochi, Russia to cover the upcoming Olympic Games said he feels that something bad will happen, but on a smaller scale.

“I don’t think you can stop everything,” 12 News anchor Mark Curtis told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos on Tuesday. “Do I think there’s going to be mass casualties, do I think that I’m going to get blown up? No.”

Curtis said he anticipates someone being arrested with a bomb or possibly a car bomb going off somewhere in the vicinity of the games.

“I think it’s inevitable.”

Having covered a few Olympic games, Curtis said the upcoming event in Sochi is likely the most dangerous he’s been to. But he is also aware that numerous nations are coming together to protect everyone and that listening can keep a lot of people safe.

“I feel pretty good that when we get there, if we do what they say and stay out of the areas they tell us to stay out of, we’ll be pretty safe,” he said.

Curtis said it is important for the world to realize that any would-be attacker is not aiming at the athletes or bystanders, but a Russian government headed by Vladimir Putin.

“Remember this: Anything that happens there isn’t about hurting Olympic athletes, hurting tourists,” he said. “It’s about hurting Vladimir Putin and his legacy. Putin has staked everything on having this be the greatest Olympics ever.

“And the people who don’t like him — and there are a lot of them — would like nothing better than to destroy these games.”

However high the danger level, Curtis said there is still optimism that everyone is kept safe and things go smoothly.

“I think, ultimately, this could be the greatest Olympics ever because there was so much concern and fear going into it and we could have world records shattered and everything could go off without a hitch.”

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