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GoDaddy helping millions in Latin America get online

PHOENIX — Scottsdale, Ariz.-based web domain provider GoDaddy is stepping up its footprint in Latin America by helping millions get their business online.

GoDaddy said millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t have their own websites or email systems and they’re going to help those businesses create opportunity. Rafael Fernandez McGregor, GoDaddy vice president of Latin America, said there are huge opportunities in Latin America with the right presence.

“Mexico is estimated to have from three to six million small businesses and there are tens of millions of these businesses across Latin America.”

McGregor said small business owners are the most innovative and dynamic job creators in the region and anyone who has ever launched or run a small business will tell you how hard it can be.

“Small businesses are just interested in having people come through their doors,” he said. “The majority of them don’t engage with e-commerce off the bat. This is what GoDaddy can empower them to do.”

McGregor will be based in Mexico where he spent a majority of his career in various industries. Among those roles, he started and led Microsoft’s online business in Latin America.

GoDaddy plans to expand into 60 international markets that speak 30 different languages within the next 18 months.