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Angry motorist arrested near site of Phoenix marathon

PHOENIX — The 11th Annual PF Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Marathon attracts more than 20,000 participants and leads to numerous road closures in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe.

Police in Scottsdale said for one driver, the closures created trouble.

Officer David Pubins said Phoenix resident Lawrence Martz, 55, was traveling at a high rate of speed near 68th Street and Thomas when an officer conducting traffic control stepped onto the road.

“He engaged the driver, who was pretty verbally abusive and very upset that this event was taking place and keeping him from traveling from Point A to Point B,” Pubins explained.

Pubins also said Martz was arrested and booked for reckless driving and disorderly conduct.

“The officer on the scene did say he was driving at a high rate of speed, higher than should have been for the area, and there were people around at the time,” Pubins said. “You have spectators and fans and those of that ilk watching the half marathon.”

Pubins said the incident did not impact the race. Find all the road closures here.