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Scottsdale one of nation’s best run cities

PHOENIX — When it comes to well-managed cities, Scottsdale, Ariz. is one of the best, a report said.

According to, Scottsdale is the sixth-best run city in the United States.

The report cited Scottsdale’s high “typical household income” of $72,102 — about $20,000 more than the national median income — as a reason for the city being run well. It also helps that 95 percent of those earners had a high school diploma, again above the national average.

Crime and poverty rates in the city are relatively low when compared to other large cities.

The city’s credit is rated Aaa by Moody’s. The agency lists the city’s wealth and strong fiscal management as reasons for its perfect rating. Like many Arizona cities, Scottsdale was hit hard by the housing crisis. Home prices fell by 23% between 2008 and 2012, compared to a 12.9% decline nationally. However, Scottsdale’s foreclosure rate was considerably better than those of Phoenix, Tucson, and many other major cities in the Southwest.

Overall, the best run city was Irvine, Calif., followed by Fremont, Calif, Plano, Texas, Lincoln, Neb. and Virginia Beach, Va., respectively.