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Jan Brewer pushing to protect Arizona’s military bases

PHOENIX — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Monday that she is calling for a plan designed to protect the state’s military bases from moves by the federal government.

“Few things have a greater economic impact in Arizona’s communities than our military bases,” she said during Monday’s State of the State address, adding that the bases contribute more than $900 billion annually to the state.

Brewer said she will ask the Military Affairs Commission to design a plan that will keep bases in Arizona despite what the federal government has planned.

“We must be ready to protect Arizona’s military installations if the federal government moves to close or realign more bases,” she said.

In addition to making the request, she also called for further backing of the Military Installation Fund, money used to preserve military land-use projects without passing the burden on to private landowners.

“I remain committed to protecting and enhancing Arizona’s military bases,” she said.