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Protesters dump dolls in Gov. Jan Brewer’s office

PHOENIX — A group of people dumped dolls in Gov. Jan Brewer’s office Monday during a protest against thousands of reports of child abuse that went uninvestigated by Child Protective Services.

The protest, headed by two Citizens for a Better Arizona leaders, took place immediately after Brewer announced the under-fire agency would be abolished and a new one created in its place.

The protesters attempted to drag a trash can full of dolls representing the ignored cases into the Arizona State Capitol. They were turned away by Arizona Department of Public Safety officers.

However, some of the dolls were brought through security. After a brief, heated discussion with DPS, protest leaders Beto Soto and Randy Parraz chose to stage on the seventh floor. They were threatened with arrest for trespassing if they tried to access the right floor. Officers said Brewer was hosting a private event and it required an invite.

A small group of women were sent to the eighth floor, where they threw the dolls out of the elevator and chanted.