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Local agencies teach parents how to keep kids safe in cars

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Fire Department and the state’s Department of Public Safety held an event Friday morning to highlight the importance of properly installing child safety seats.

Earlier this month three children were ejected from a car because they were not buckled in correctly. Those children were fortunate to survive.

Phoenix Fire Capt. Robert Johnson said many parents buy a child safety seat, read the directions before installing the seat and think the job is done. Johnson said about 7 out of every 10 parents don’t install the seats right. He has seen the result of that on many emergency calls.

“The most common mistake I see is that the seat is just not installed tight enough in the vehicle. You can overtighten it but in most cases it’s just not tight enough,” he said.

Parents who need help installing the seat can call 602-495-KIDS. A firefighter will made available to install the child safety seat properly.