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Phoenix show paying cash for vintage toys

PHOENIX — Who knew those old Cabbage Patch Dolls, Transformers or even Garbage Pail Kids may still be worth money?

If you have some old toys in storage, them to the Phoenix Vintage Toy-Buying Show at the Courtyard Marriott 2621 S. 47th St. Phoenix this weekend.

“What we’re looking for is people to scour their attics and closets and dig out those old toys that have been sitting there for decades, dust them off and bring them to us,” said America’s Toy Scout Joel Magee.

They will restore your toys and make sure they find the right collectors. They will also pay up to 75 percent of the retail value of the toy.

Magee suggested going on eBbay and seeing how much you vintage toy is still worth.

“I had another person call me, and he’s got a bunch of Star Wars figures that he had when he was a kid,” said Magee. “Amazingly enough he said his mom let him play with one and she bought extra ones for him to put up for a rainy day. And he said ‘Well, today is a rainy day.'”

The show runs through Jan. 15.