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John McCain: Dennis Rodman is ‘an idiot’

PHOENIX — Sen. John McCain certainly isn’t a fan of former National basketball Association star Dennis Rodman.

According to CNN, McCain made the comment after Rodman’s interview with Chris Cuomo.

I think he’s an idiot,” laughs the senior United States Senator from Arizona. “I think he’s very – a person – of not great intellect, who doesn’t understand that he really does provide propaganda for this very brutal, ruthless young man.”

But the interview wasn’t all in good humor. Rodman seemed to endorse the on-going imprisonment of Kenneth Bae, something that did not sit well with McCain.

“In one respect, it’s kind of a side show with a guy who’s not too bright, that’s looking for something to do. That kind of part of it can even amuse us,” he tells Piers Morgan. “But when we’re talking about an American that’s being held prisoner in God knows what conditions, and he is basically defending it, that’s pretty bad behavior.”

Bae, an American, had given numerous tours of North Korea until he was imprisoned on suspicion of wanting to overthrow the government.