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Scottsdale man creates Doritos ad in hopes of winning $1 million

A Scottsdale man is going to the Super Bowl with the hopes of winning $1 million.

Ryan Andersen filmed his own Doritos commercial and has become one of five finalists in a Doritos competition to see which one will be aired during Super Bowl XLVII on February 2 and claim the $1 million prize.

Andersen’s entry is called “Time Machine,” and stars Ryan’s son Gavin along with the family dog.

“My son lures a man who is eating Doritos into his front yard and cons him into a (cardboard) time machine box, and the guy believes him,” Andersen said.

The boy tells the man that the time machine only works by putting a full bag of Doritos into a slot, which the man does. While the boy enjoys the Doritos outside, he shakes the box with his feet and uses a megaphone to help convince the man that he is actually traveling into the future.

Andersen appeared on KTAR’s “Arizona’s Morning News Weekend” show and told hosts Bob McClay and Stacey Brooks that the man is played by an actor from Los Angeles. A local Phoenix actor plays an old man in the ad.

Ryan said he got the idea for the ad while spending time with Gavin.

“We were actually watching ‘Back To The Future’ and he asked me if I could make him a Time Machine,” said Andersen. “Thinking to my childhood, I decided to make a refrigerator box one. As I was designing it, I was constantly thinking about ideas for making commercials, and it just kind of spawned from there.”

Andersen, who currently works as a wedding photographer, has dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

Fan voting will decide which of the five finalists will win the competition. Ryan admits it will be a big payday. “First place is one million dollars, and I also get to work on the set of the new Avengers movie,” he said. The second place winner also has his or her ad run in the Super Bowl, wins $50,000, and also gets to work on the movie.”

All five finalists have already won $25,000 for making it to the finals. They will all sit in the Doritos suite during the Super Bowl in New York and will find out which one is the winner when they see the winning commercial air during the game.

All of the finalists’ entries are posted at, where voting is also taking place.