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Sunny Phoenix feeling ripple effects from icy East Coast

PHOENIX — The big chill back East is reaching across the country to sunny Phoenix, disrupting flights Friday from Sky Harbor Airport.

The storm that has covered the Northeast had forced the delay of at least 10 flights to New York’s JFK International, some of the postponements up to an hour.

Some flights from Las Vegas to Phoenix were affected Thursday night. Some planes were stranded on the McCarran International runway awaiting takeoff for an hour.

Other flights were canceled overnight, leaving many travelers stranded in terminals.

“First it was just delayed, then we’re supposed to leave at 6, then now you’re going to leave at 9:45, now it’s 10:45. I think they finally canceled the flight at 12:30,” said Laurie Hahn, who was trying to get home to Texas from Phoenix.

The airlines are also dealing with staffing issues. Several flights were canceled because crews had worked too many hours, causing a scramble for replacements.

Airport staff recommended even Valley residents flying out should check with their airlines before going to the airport.