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AAA warns against drowsy driving

PHOENIX — As Thanksgiving winds down and people hit the roads, experts are warning against drowsy driving.

Drowsy driving contributes to at least 17 percent of fatal crashes, according to Triple-A Arizona.

“In terms of your judgment, your reaction time, your focus, all of those things are going to be impacted when you’re tired,” said Michelle Donati, a spokesperson for Triple-A Arizona.

Donati said driving while tired is the equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol content that is above the legal limit.

In a study done by Triple-A Arizona, 95 percent of drivers said they think it’s unacceptable to drive drowsy, but 28 percent admitted to being so tired in the past month that they had difficulty keeping their eyes open while on the road.

Donati said holiday travelers should switch drivers every few hours and avoid driving through the night.