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Service rents out traveler’s car while they’re away

PHOENIX — A new service is helping travelers pay for their vacation while they’re away.

Instead of letting their car sit in the airport parking lot racking up charges for a week, a company called Flight Car will rent the car to a visitor.

“It’s fully insured up to $1 million dollars,” said Rujul Zaparde, Flight Car’s 19-year-old CEO. “We pick you up and drop you off curbside at the airport in a town car service, which is like a limo. We’ll vacuum and wash your car, regardless of whether it gets rented or not, and the parking is always free.”

Owners can make $20 to $40 per car by allowing Flight Car to rent their vehicle.

The vehicles must be newer than 2001, in good condition, and have 150,000 miles or less. The travelers must be willing to make their cars available to Flight Car for a minimum of seven days.

The company will, in turn, rent the cars out to customers at as much as 50 percent less than what agencies like Hertz and Avis charge for a comparable rental.

The service is available only in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston right now. There are plans to expand, but no word on when the company might set up shop at Sky Harbor.