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Gov. Chris Christie not shocked by low Congress approval

PHOENIX — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took a moment away from a Friday meeting with Cindy McCain about sex trafficking to take a jab at both President Barack Obama and Congress.

Christie said Obama refuses to engage and Congress can’t even talk to each other. He said he’s not surprised Congress has an approval rating of 9 percent and that he would like to meet those who think Congress is doing a good job.

“I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican,” he said. “You look at this and say ‘I love this?’ What’s going on down there is fabulous and I want more of it? I’d love to get a slew of former federal agents who want something to do. Find that 9 percent.”

Christie said there’s no other way to look at the current state in Washington, D.C. as anything but an abject failure.

“Whether it’s immigration reform or any of the other issues like tax reform or entitlement reform — which we desperately need for this country to be secure long-term economically — all of the difficult issues that need to be addressed, nobody wants to wants to address them. They’re too busy fighting with each other.”

Christie was in Phoenix as part of the Republican Governors Association Convention, which ran through Friday.