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Thanksgiving family dinner going up in price

PHOENIX — The cost of a holiday turkey dinner with all the trimmings is going up a bit. The price tag this year on a Thanksgiving dinner for an Arizona family of 10 will cost $48.63.

Last year it was about $47.

The Arizona Farm Bureau said without factoring in store coupons or specials, the cost of a 16-pound turkey purchased in Arizona this year was $20.80, or $1.30 per pound. That reflects an increase of 10 cents per pound, or $1.60 from last year, but still cheaper than the $50-plus shoppers paid five years ago.

For a third consecutive year, the bureau conducted an organic price survey on the basic food items found on a typical Thanksgiving dinner table.

The organic dinner with all the trimmings will cost nearly twice that of the non-organic meal. The biggest ticket item was a 16-pound organic turkey at $48, or $3 per pound.