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Report: ASU ranked as a top choice for international students

Arizona State University ranks 11th in the country as a top choice for international students among all colleges and universities, according to a report by the Institute of International Education.

During the 2011-2012 school year, ASU was ranked 15th in the nation with 5,127 international students. The recent 2012-2013 academic year saw an enrollment of 6,645 international students, an increase of 29.6 percent.

The countries of China, India and Saudi Arabia represent the largest number of international students, however, ASU attracts students from over 120 nations.

“We’re very strong in the academic areas that are in demand among international students, and our ranking of top 100 universities in the world appeals to international students,” said David Burge, executive director of admission services at ASU.

The majority of international students are engineering majors with over 2,000 students enrolled in the field. Business degrees are the second most sought after with just over 1,100 students. English, computer and information sciences and social sciences are also popular fields of study for the international student body.

A sense of community has also played a major part in ASU’s increase of international students.

“Students who are already here take care of those coming to the university after them. They make sure they have connections to people from their country, cultural traditions and even places to eat. It’s really nice to see,” said Jennifer Glawson, ASU International Student and Scholars Center director.

The university has also developed programs and established schools that few schools offer – if at all.

I had no doubt that I wanted to come to ASU,” said Brazilian student Mariana De Lacerda. “I saw that the School of Sustainability was the first of its kind. They have so many programs and it is amazing.”

ASU also offers many research project opportunities and various clubs and activities to keep students engaged in learning and connected with one another, regardless of heritage or ethnicity.

“I love that ASU is huge in international students. For my program (architecture and landscape architecture), that is amazing to be in a classroom with people from all around the world. We come up with so many great ideas,” said Brazilian student Mariana De Lacerda.