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Meghan McCain: Obamacare is ‘comically disastrous’

LISTEN: Meghan McCain - President Obama's Apology

Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, cannot believe how much of a farce Obamacare has become.

“Obama made one promise – that people could keep their healthcare,” McCain told Mac and Gaydos of News/Talk KTAR 92.3 on Friday. “Now it turns out that you can’t… Obamacare has been nothing but a complete disaster. The rollout of it is almost comically disastrous.”

A “comically disastrous” rollout that could have easily been avoided if outside professionals had been contracted to create

“My favorite thing is that they’re having government employees run this website,” McCain commented. “Why they didn’t get somebody from Silicon Valley who knows what they’re doing to set up a website is the ultimate factor that completely blows my mind.”

Much like her father, McCain is also angry over the recent government shutdown, in part because it overshadowed the healthcare discussion.

“It was taking away from all of the things going on with healthcare in this country,” McCain explained. “Now, finally, I think people are paying more attention. Even liberal elites, so to speak, are realizing that this might not have been the best choice of action.”

Even the president, the namesake of Obamacare, has grown desperate.

In an interview with NBC News on Thursday, President Barack Obama apologized to those who are unable to keep their health coverage, despite his numerous assertions to the contrary.

McCain said the president is “forced into a corner right now,” but that in her experience, anytime a politician apologizes, it’s just the beginning of more bad news.

“I think anytime a politician apologizes publicly like that, there probably is something worse coming down the pipeline,” said McCain. “He’s in a really precarious position. This is supposed to be the bill that defines his presidency and it’s debatably a failure.”

A failure, she remarked, that will most likely continue with finger-pointing and blame-shifting but not have any real consequences for anyone.

“You can’t get fired for anything in the government, apparently,” McCain said. “You can’t get replaced, and I just don’t understand why they don’t hire somebody from Facebook or something to do their duty for their government and their country and fix the freaking website!”

As for the forced resignation or firing of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, McCain said Sebelius’ departure would actually be a bad move for the Obama administration.

“I think if he [Obama] let her go or fired her, it would sort of be like a symbol of defeat and it [Obamacare] not working, and I don’t think from a public relations standpoint, he wants to do that,” McCain said.

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