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Phoenix Herpetological Society hosting adoption event

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Herpetological Society will be putting up of animals for adoption on Saturday.

Many of the animals were once abused or unwanted, but all of them have been cleared and are ready for permanent homes.

“All the animals that are going to be available for adoption are healthy and have good temperament and would make excellent pets,” said Wendy Cassidy, marketing director for the Herpetological Society.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the animals up for adoption, including red-tailed boas, ball pythons, corn snakes and African-spurred Sulcata tortoises.

The event will feature educational assistance, tips and advice on proper captive reptile care.

Adoptions will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 28011 N. 78th Street in Scottsdale. Appointments are required for anybody who wants to adopt an animal.

For more information, call (480) 513-4377 or visit the sanctuary’s website.