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NASA technology could help firefighters

PHOENIX — A California inventor was in the Valley Thursday with his new product that could potentially save firefighter’s lives.

Jim Moseley created the Sunseeker Fire Blanket, which can withstand heat up to 2,500 degrees. He said it’s more effective than current foil fire shelters, like the ones used by the Granite Mountain Hotshots, which can start to burn up in 500 degree heat.

“Once the flame is directly on the firefighter, it immediately starts to disintegrate the outer foil covering, and that’s pretty much it,” he said.

Moseley, who used to work in aerospace, said his fire blanket has some of the same technology used in the NASA space program.

“It’s a wool-based, ceramic-fiber product. It’s been around for years,” he said.

Moseley showed the product to different fire departments around the Valley. His goal is to have the blanket ready for use during the next wildfire season.

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