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Voters choose to change Buckeye from a town to a city

PHOENIX — The “Town of Buckeye” is no more.

That’s because of the 4,347 people who went to the polls on Tuesday, 2,608 (60 percent) voted in favor of changing Buckeye’s name from a town to a city, according to all nine reporting precincts.

By law, any town with at least a population of 3,000 can ask its citizens if they’d like to change its designation. But as noted on Buckeye’s official website, the vote won’t have an affect on the city’s day-to-day operations.

Changing the status from a town to a city will not change the governing function of Buckeye, council, code, services, or taxes. As municipalities grow they may wish to be a city in order to attract growth.

While the vote strictly focused on the name change itself, Buckeye would still have to apply for a city charter.