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Peoria PD cracking down on sex offenders for Halloween

PHOENIX — The Peoria Police Department will be paying certain sex offenders a visit on Thursday to make sure they are not participating in any Halloween activities.

“They’re not allowed to have any decorations on their home,” said Amanda Jacinto with Peoria Police. “They’re also not allowed to urn on their lights so to appear that they’re handing out candy or that they’re involved in Halloween.”

The ban on participating in Halloween activities applies to certain Level 2 (moderate risk) and Level 3 (high risk) sex offenders. Arizona does not have a law in place specifically restricting sex offenders from marking Halloween.

Each offender Peoria Police will visit was told not to participate in Halloween during their sentencing.

Jacinto said the offenders cannot attend Halloween events where children are present and may not drink nor possess alcohol.

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