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Poll: 37 percent think zombies would run US better than government

PHOENIX — Zombies are all the rage. They have their own TV show, they are the subject of movies, books and songs. And now, they are the preferred politician of choice for a considerable portion of voting-age Americans.

The Rasmussen Reports said 37 percent believe zombies would do a better job running the country, 37 percent gave the nod to federal government while 26 percent can’t make up their minds.

Men are more likely than women to think zombies would do a better job leading the country. The East Coast-based polling company contacted 1,000 adults by telephone.

The poll also pointed out that 64 percent of people likely to vote have negative feelings about the government.

Along political lines, 56 percent of Democrats still support the federal government, but pluralities of Republicans — 45 percent — and those not affiliated with either major party — 44 percent — will take zombies.

Only 6 percent of Americans anticipate a zombie apocalypse, so supporters of the federal government can rest easy.

Of those awaiting an apocalypse, 74 percent said they are somewhat prepared, and 53 percent are very prepared.