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Severed finger points police to theft suspect

PHOENIX — A severed finger pointed the way to jail for a Glendale man suspected of attempted theft, police said Wednesday.

Police allege that 29-year-old Joshua Allen Goverman attempted to steal copper wire from the back of an air conditioning vehicle parked in a driveway on Oct. 7. When the owner of the truck was leaving for work in the morning, he found a copper spool had been pulled about 20 feet of off the truck. At the end of the spool was a finger.

Police were able to get a fingerprint from the severed digit and linked Goverman to the crime.

Goverman told police that he lost the portion of his finger while working on a car. He also posted a photo to Facebook of the remaining portion of his finger.

Goverman was charged with theft.

The copper had an estimated value of $300.