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Tips to help avoid Halloween hazards out on the street

The streets will be filled with the creepy and the cuddly Thursday and their safety will be on the line while they’re trick-or-treating.

According to data, Halloween is the worst night of the year for kids on foot, with the worst time coming between 6 and 7 p.m. That hour averages 5.5 deaths a year.

Several agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and AAA of Arizona, have offered tips to make sure the candy grab goes smoothly for all.

• Drivers should ease off the gas

• Don’t drive distracted. No texting or chatting on a cellphone behind the wheel. Kids tend to dart out into traffic

• Parents should make sure their children are always visible, be it with flashlights, glow sticks or reflective tape

• Make sure the kids walk house to house — no running